February 09, 2010

☼ SS-Say - Fusion 12''EP

SS-Say made their live debut at the William S. Burroughs "Last Chance" arrangement in Copenhagen in the autumn of 1983, at the time featuring Lena Walsh on vocals. Being replaced by Inge Shannon in 1984, the group recorded the Fusion 12'' EP later that year. The record was orginally planned to be an album, but unfinished recordings were left out during the process. Inge Shannon had worked with Martin Hall in the cult project Pesteg Dred back in 1981.
I originally bought this 12'' back in '85 for the track "Care," which I still think is the best track on this EP.

Год: 1985
Страна: Denmark
Лейбл: Sam Records

01. Transaction (7:38)
02. Care (4:51)
03. Fanfare (4:17)

Скачать: HERE

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