February 09, 2010

☼ Scivias - ...And You Will Fear Death Not

In spring 1992, Sándor Rády founded Scivias with two friends as a means of self-realization. In Scivias' opinion, it's outdated to think in terms of artistic currents or movements. They are not a closed formation, and they like to collaborate with people who are able to realize their own ideas in accordance with Scivias' works.
For each release, Scivias choose a subject that they then transform into music and lyrics. Their favored subjects can all be described with two words: traditionalist and spiritual.

Год: 2001
Страна: Hungary
Лейбл: Eis Und Licht

01. Paean (2:28)
02. Age Of The Last Law - Nuclear Japan (7:43)
03. The World Is A Teardrop... (1:08)
04. Breathing Deeply (3:35)
05. The Peach Boy (7:52)
06. A Tower Of The Devil (6:13)
07. Passion (5:26)
08. Zero (3:24)
09. Die Before Dying (10:20)
10. The Empire In Me (6:07)
11. In Memory Of The Last Empire (4:30)
12. ...And You Will Fear Death Not 7:51)

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