February 24, 2010

☼ Sandoz Lab Technicians (James Kirk, Natan Thompson, Tim Cornelius) - The Three Imposters 3x8"EP [lathe cut]

New Zealand underground free-improv group comprised of James Kirk, Tim Cornelius, Nathan Thompson and occasionally Mark Curragh (but not for this release).
"The Three Imposters" offers four whacked out SLT improv electric jazz slams, while the remaining tracks are 'solo' compositions from each member.
Limited to 30 pieces.

: 1999
: New Zealand
: Crawlspace Records

01. Sandoz Lab Technicians: Decapitados (6:33)
02. James Kirk: These Quarks For Muster Mark (3:33)
03. James Kirk: Quaquaversal (3:35)
04. Sandoz Lab Technicians: Ras Ark (6:42)
05. Natan Thompson: Old Steam (4:46)
06. Natan Thompson: Raven (1:44)
07. Sandoz Lab Technicians: Beyond the Wall of Sleep (5:27)
08. Sandoz Lab Technicians: Sewer Babies (1:30)
09. Tim Cornelius: Horned Waning Moon (2:10)
10. Tim Cornelius: The Fast Dimension (1:25)
11. Tim Cornelius: Air Samarkand (2:56)

Скачать: HERE

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