February 16, 2010

☼ Necrocock - Praktiky Pohřebních Ústavů

Necrocock is the ex-guitarist of the Czech cult black metal band Master's Hammer. The title of this release, 'Praktiky Pohřebních Ústavů' (meaning: Funeral Home Practices) is a reflection of his time spent working at a funeral home. The music of Necrocock is more 'dark' metal than 'black' metal... one might even call it 'goth' -- and there are also elements of darkwave electronica. It's a very interesting listen, but definitely not for the militant metal purist.

Год: 1990 / 2004
Страна: Czech Republic
Лейбл: Shindy Productions

01. Smrt Je Teprve Začátek (2:07)
02. Orgány Se Spalují (4:37)
03. Tlecí Doba (3:59)
04. Černý Mramor (5:11)
05. Procházka Urnovým Hájem (2:14)
06. Porucha Mechanismu Pecí (4:00)
07. Rozptylová Louka (4:33)
08. Noční Provoz (6:01)
09. Řecké Ohně (1:36)
10. Prázdniny (6:47)
11. Oligofrenní Dívka (4:15)

※ Tracks 1-9 are an unreleased 1990 demo.
※ Tracks 10-11 were recorded in 2004 for this release.

Скачать: HERE
(you might have trouble un-packing this file if your computer is not configured to display Czech text.)


Anonymous said...

Check his videos (perhaps on youtube). Sick and kind of humorous in the same time.

kevinass said...

hello, welcome back and thank you! Things are lovely once again now that you r in full swing. Have you any vomit orchestra?
"Macabre paradigm","bridges burnt" and "antecrux" are all easy enuff to find, but the rest is impossible! YOU have managed the impossible before, however.