February 27, 2010

☼ Minamata - Niigata

Originally limited to 50 pieces, here's a re-issue of the 3rd MC release by this legendary French group.
Recorded in 1985, it's their most powerful material (at the time), combining old school industrial, noise, and power electronics. This is the sound of agony!
In addition to the complete "Niigata 1964-1965" MC, also included are two compilation tracks recorded during the same period, plus one peviously unreleased 17 minute track recorded in 2002.

Год: 1985-1986 / 2002 (2007)
Страна: France
Лейбл: Zone de Confusion

01. Niigata [Part 1] (4:11)
02. Niigata Fetal Case (9:55)
03. Niigata [Part 2] (6:04)
04. Niigata [1965] (5:39)
05. Es Ist Schwer.../...Zu Leben (7:50)
06. Niigata [1964] (7:13)
07. Wo Sind Sie (5:48)
08. Nacht Und Nächte (5:38)
09. Niigata [2002] (17:17)

Скачать (320K):


Anonymous said...


great stuff once more... glad you're back...

i have a personal request, which is kind of a grail search, maybe you can help me with this. I'm currently writing a book about industrial music, and i'd really appreciate to be able to browse through "england's hidden reverse" by david keenan as i only have the cd of that name... could you post a pdf (or another format) of it ? i'm sure many of your readers will like that. Anyways, thanks in advance


scarfish69 said...

Seems like everything you upload is great. Been away for a while. So I do wonder what prompted the move. Just glad I found you again. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing those beautiful musics
if you are interested in industrial and experimental music, you can listen and freedownload some of my works here

thank you again, I wish you long life, roca