February 13, 2010

☼ Metal Virgins - Animal People LP


Extremely odd UK thrash metal(?) band. I'm not sure if they were entirely serious, but I hope they were, because it just adds to the ridiculousness. I remember buying this LP used for less than dirt, and laughed my ass off from beginning to end. Metal Virgins are sort of like if The Butthole Surfers were a NWOBHM band attempting to play punk-ish thrash metal like English Dogs, Broken Bones, etc.. It grows on you like a fungus. I love it!

Год: 1984
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Thrash Metal Records

01. Animal People (4:31)
02. I'm For Real (4:12)
03. Feelings (2:51)
04. Virgins (3:29)
05. Get Out (4:13)
06. Rubber Dolls (3:51)
07. Call My Name (3:03)
08. Invasion (5:21)

Скачать: RS-or- MEGA


Andrew said...

An excellent album, although obviously not intended that way. A forgotten classic, great to see it made available.

Christopher Bowne said...

This album, goofy or not, seriously kicks some ass. The production is real weird too.