February 26, 2010

☼ Magmax - Magmagenome 12''+7'' Box Set

Magmax was an industrial acid power electronics project by the late Koji Tano, aka MSBR. Different from MSBR in that he created rhythmic harsh noise using a TB-303 bass synth (thus the 'acid' inference) with screaming vocalists in addition to other distortion devices.
Limited to 300 pieces.

Release Year: 1997
Artist(s) Country: Japan
Label: 220N

Track List:
01. Magma Zone / Birth Of Magmax / Magma Moon Rising (21:56)
02. Magma Krupps [Live at Maebashi Rattan on '97.10.19] (15:47)
03. Magmagenome [Live at Studio 80 on '97.07.20] (5:45)
04. Magma Apocalypse (5:57)
05. Bastard In Magmax - Magma Mantra (5:40)

※ Track 01 is 'gapless' containing all three tracks in one.

Скачать: 320K-or- FLAC

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Wow. I just can´t but wonder the huge amount of your recent uploads. Nice work, thumbs up.