February 09, 2010

☼ Johanna Went - Slave Beyond The Grave 7'' / Hyena mLP

Johanna Went is a pioneering performance artist who began performing as part of a street theater troupe that traveled America and Europe in the 1970’s. Following her years on the road she settled in LA in the late 70’s and began transforming her street theater performances into what would become her signature style. Using found props and hand-sewn costumes she developed a wild stage act that included live musical backing from legendary performers such as Z’ev and KK Barret of the Screamers. In 1979 she began working with the Wheaton brothers (Brock on drums and Mark on syntheziers) who arrived in LA that year from Seattle with their band Chinas Comidas. To this day Mark continues to work with Johanna as her musical director.

Год: 1981 / 1982
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Graybeat Records / Posh Boy

〜 Slave Beyond The Grave 〜
01. Slave Beyond The Grave (2:51)
02. No U No (3:01)
〜 Hyena 〜
01. Digital Parting (2:31)
02. Mosquito (1:02)
03. Christopher Boyce (3:25)
04. Ella (1:35)
05. Consumed (2:40)
06. Mound Builders (4:29)
07. No Legs (5:10)

Скачать 320k: HERE