February 09, 2010

☼ Isolrubin BK - Crash Injury Trauma

A definite curiosity in the history of electronic music. Lustmord is the man behind this project, with engineering, sampling and programming assistance by Andrew Lagowski. Released in 1993, Crash Injury Trauma is a shocking exploration of automobile crash injuries and deaths. An unrelenting assault of screeches, screams and piercing frequencies punctuate the sonic spaces on this release. It stops at nothing to drive its point across that investigations into automobile crashes are often inadequately performed. Pre-dating Cronenberg's exploration of similar themes in his film Crash, Lustmord's concept has capitalised on the shock factor as well as the cerebral nature of the subject matter, instilling a reality-based fear to his audience. Sadist to say the least.

Год: 1993
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Soleilmoon Recordings

01. Resistance Of The Human Head To Crash Impact (15:04)
02. Motor Vehicle Collision Victim Removal Procedure (6:46)
03. Three Possible Points Of Impact That A Driver May Incur When Colliding With An Object At Speed (5:12)
04. The Dynamics Involved In An Injury By Mechanical Force (5:29)
05. Extensive Fissured Skull Fractures Produced By The Head Striking The Border Of The Windshield (6:05)
06. Cranio-Facial Absorption: Multiple Lacerations (8:20)
07. Return To The Scene Of A Severe Road Traffic Accident For Detailed Investigation Of Conditions Pending Reconstruction (8:33)
08. Crash Injury Trauma (0:18)

Скачать 320k: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2


Anonymous said...

One of the best industrial records ever !!

Anonymous said...

This has actually been re-issued recently by Soleilmoon Recordings

A true classic.