February 13, 2010

☼ His Masters Voice - Singing The Boundaries [March 2009 re-post]

More than anything else, the long title track recalls Eno's 'On Land.' It evokes the same deep sense of place. The three members of HMV - Randy Greif, Jeph Jerman, and R. Ktich are all veterans of the experimental music scene, and they are savvy enough to avoid the standard pseudo-ethnic formulas. Yes, this music is sometimes tranquil, even pretty, and employs the commonly used hand percussion, flutes, synthesizers and modal scales, but just as often it also includes weird electronic scrabbling, rasping and chriping, plus the dry rattling of gourds and bones, and other indefinable but evocative messages from the spirit world. Inspired by a Yaqui Indian legend involving four prophets, 'Singing The Boundaries' has it's own ethnic center and manages to suggest the brooding, eerie stillness of the southwest desert and the presence of indigenous inhabitants, human and beast, without ever reverting to a picturesque but generic musical travelogue. Like the unjustly forgotten 'On Land,' and the best work of O Yuki Conjugate and Jorge Reyes, this communication from HMV inhabits the same physical and spiritual geography it descrbes.

Год: 1997
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Manifold

01. Singing The Boundaries (27:15)
02. The Sky Above / The Earth Below / The Circle (26:45)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this. I already have the CD, and have since it was released, but it's nice to see some recognition of the project. A great release. Thanks for your efforts with this blog, I've picked up a good deal of material I have lost over the years, in addition to some new goodies. Best!