February 09, 2010

☼ Exocet - Violation


René Klimaczewski (aka. Klima) is well-known for his collaborations with artists like Converter and Architect; he has also made well-received remixes (for Displacer, for example) along with supporting young upcoming performers. (like Demian, RDR, etc.) By chance, on a trip to NYC in 2007, he became acquainted with Dave Kean - an inspirational character and a non-musician with a twisted mind, who left Klima stunned with a multiplicity of ideas and extraordinary creative urges. Kean became the muse for a new-born named Exocet and this album is the first result of this artistic insemination. 'Violation' holds a perfect balance between technoid complexity and industrial roughness, spliced into a single unit by accomplished usage of well-structured rhythmic work. Fortifying bass pulses and diversified synth chords are enriched with scattered sounds and voices, generating powerful undertones of anxiety and threat. Turning Kean's guidelines into music, Klima developed a one-of-a-kind style of digital sequences and human sentiment, defining an almost unreal post-industrial atmosphere. Exocet is a crucible of sounds resonating with power and motion, completed with a pounding, merciless remix by U.S. electro-industrial legend Manufactura - a truly fine conclusion to a landmark in the neutral zone between electronica and industrial.

Год: 2008
Страна: Germany / USA
Лейбл: Ant-Zen

01. El Respecto (5:12)
02. Retar A Muerte (4:39)
03. Perverso (4:40)
04. Saint Terrorism (5:39)
05. South End (4:56)
06. Will Èn Berg (4:34)
07. Sénescente Psychopathe (5:10)
08. Aegade Järjestus (3:54)
09. Méthode D'Apprentissage (5:42)
10. Saint Terrorism Das Bunker Vor Dem Tore (5:29)
11. Frío Como Un Témpano (5:36)
12. South End [Colombian Connection rmx by Manufactura] (6:29)

Скачать: HERE

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