February 09, 2010

☼ Elhaz - The Black Flame

Not to be confused with the French black metal band of the same name, these heathen creations are loaded with unrepentantly Satanic philosophy combined with neo-classical arrangements and industrial darkwave, topped with excursions into pagan folk music. I've never heard another album quite like this. Lots of synths, a bit of sax, deep bass vocals (like Kirlian Camera), a bunch of samples from 'If...' all coming together in a gloriously accessible album. If I had to compare, I'd say they were similar to ConSono, but definitely not clones.

Год: 1995
Страна: Sweden
Лейбл: Memento Mori

01. Pilgrimage (1:48)
02. Glory (4:22)
03. Desertion (5:54)
04. Heedless (3:30)
05. Blessed (9:11)
06. Bloodthrone (6:13)
07. Nailed (8:43)
08. Devil (8:56)
09. Terminus (6:49)

Скачать: HERE

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