February 27, 2010

☼ Deutsches Kulturgut - Rückwärts / Tesendalo - Vorwärts MC

Deutsches Kulturgut und Tesendalo were studio projects by Michael Wurzer and Peter Schuster, both Nürnberg "free self-expression" musicians, creating haunting industrial ambient noise, influenced by Zoviet-France, Klaus Schulze, etc... organic, long-lasting unhurried passages, clouded by monotonous drones with fleeting and fragmentarily torn radiant sounds.

Год: 1992
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: IRRE Tapes

A). Deutsches Kulturgut - Rückwärts
01. Untitled (11:48)
02. Untitled (6:03)
03. Untitled (4:57)
04. Untitled (1:34)
05. Untitled (2:43)
B). Tesendalo - Vorwärts
06. Untitled (9:00)
07. Untitled (5:35)
08. Untitled (5:24)
09. Untitled (4:31)
10. Untitled (4:06)

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El Atelier del Efectista said...

You are back!!!!!!

Life makes sense again... ! :)

Anonymous said...

this is unrelated to this post (couldn't figure out how to contact you directly), but would you at all be able to upload some gerechtigkeits liga? particularly the hypnotischer existenzialismus lp? i was a fan of this blog on the old url but unfortunately never caught that stuff if it was posted and have just really begun to dig it through the vhutemas archetypi comp & myspace. outside of that, keep up the good work! it's appreciated.

Anonymous said...

actually, just managed to find that the rapidshare links you posted for gerechtigkeits liga on the old blog still work (managed to come across them through google using the cached feature) so you can scrap my previous request/comment. again though, thanks! this blog is definitely appreciated.