February 24, 2010

☼ des Esseintes - Mondo Macabro [December 2008 re-post]

A classic example of what's old is new! "Mondo Macabro" conveniently compiles all of the des Esseintes vinyl releases since 2000, remastered them, boosted them to eye popping levels, and if that weren't enough, added 3 bonus, unreleased tracks to top it off! 12 tracks in total, spanning the 'Muse' (2000) and 'On/Off' (2002) 7”s, the split LP with Magmax (2001), and the split 10” with Negru Voda (2001). A great history lesson in the short existence of des Esseintes, each track on each subsequent release just seems to up the ante, with one track more crushing than the next. A steady, doom filled procession of post-apocalyptic, tribal percussion, deadening, jackhammer rhythms, and dramatic, suspense filled atmospheres. When Armageddon hits, rest assured, you’ll have your soundtrack.
I love Malignant... this is mandatory!

: 2000-2002 (2006)
: Sweden
: Malignant

01. Muse (5:49)
02. Succubus (6:02)
03. King of the Jungle (5:02)
04. Fragments (8:46)
05. Tension (5:50)
06. Release (5:56)
07. Aftermath (8:17)
08. On (4:46)
09. Off (3:48)
10. Strange Tremors (6:46)
11. Like Myself (6:26)
12. Discontinued [Original Version] (4:59)

Скачать : HERE


zach said...

I always wanted to have make music under the name Des Esseintes, but then I found this band which made me really angry;( Anyway I found even better one.
Have you read "A rebours" by huysmans? That's what the name come from.

icepick method said...

wow, really good album. how do i miss stuff like this?

Anonymous said...

So glad sickness STILL abounds!