February 12, 2010

☼ Deison - Dirty Blind Vortex [May 2009 re-post]

Deison is Cristiano Deison. Involved in the noise electronic scene since 1991, he approached the world of sounds doing self released cassettes doing his own tape collages with some tape recorders, turntables and objects mainly in the field of noise and power-electronics. He established a small label (Loud!) and began to collaborate with artist like Lasse Marhaug, KK Null, Shee Retina Stimulants, etc... influenced by the electro-acoustic music, minimal ambient electronics, as well as digital music sound design, samplers and field recordings. "Dirty Blind Vortex" is sort of a collaboration effort, featuring Sshe Retina Stimulants, R.H.Y. Yau, Gov't Alpha, Lasse Marhaug and others. Murky, rusted tones, and corroded samples, bleeding together, congealing into lovely distorted ambient soundscapes, penetrated with sample fragments and noise textures to form hypnotic distorted minimal rhythms. (whew... that was a mouthful ;)

Год: 2000
Страна: Italy
Лейбл: Crionic Mind

1. Dream:Morphology (3:07)
2. Inside Sources (4:59)
3. Novamalia [feat. Lasse Marhaug] (3:06)
4. Lodge, Hlny [feat. R.H.Y. Yau] (4:10)
5. Silenzio (5:03)
6. Vortice (5:28)
7. Pasadena, 1953 (7:39)
8. Out Of Spasm (5:22)
9. Symptomatic Headache [feat. Government Alpha] (5:19)
10. Terminal Suck Sick [Lasse Marhaug remix ] (5:27)
11. Automatic Pain II [S.Isabella remix] (5:28)
12. Dirty Intercourse [Corrine's Psychoanalysis remix by Baal] (12:01)

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