February 26, 2010

☼ Contrastate - Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers / English Embers / False Fangs For Old Werewolves

Defunct UK ambient/experimental duo (Jonathan Grieve & Stephen Meixner), which turned into a trio (adding Stephen J. Pomeroy) by the end of their career, formed in 1987. (Meixner went on to create music as SRMeixner.) Their initial musical ventures were of a more improvisational nature, based on noise and volume, but not to be confused with power electronics. Sounds emerged, sub-merged and re-emerged at varying frequencies with extreme tonality. The idea was physical confrontation through sound, and some of that early influence can be heard on their first LP "Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers."

☼ Contrastate - Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers

a 2005 re-mastered re-issue of the limited edition LP. (1989 Black Rose Recordings)

Год: 1989 (2005)
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Dirter Promotions

01. As Time Began (19:44)
02. Thirst For Knowledge (11:10)
03. The Man Seeking Experience Enquires His Way Of A Drop Of Water (8:20)

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☼ Contrastate - English Embers EP

a 1996 re-release of the Χοντραστατε "English Embers" 7'' (1994 Drone Records) with an additional bonus track.

Год: 1994 (1996)
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Fin De Siècle Media

01. English Embers [Εντλιση Εμβερσ] (4:36)
02. In Absentia [Ιν Αβσεντια] (6:13)
03. Northern Twilight [bonus track] (8:51)

Скачать: BOTH HERE

☼ Contrastate - False Fangs For Old Werewolves

a collection of rare and previously unreleased material.

Год: 2005
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Fin De Siècle Media

01. I Am A Clown Collecting Moments (And Other Chocolates) (4:37)
02. Poodles In Practice Dress At The Battersea Dogs' Opera (0:32)
03. Like A Saint On A Stake (3:11)
04. Virophilia (7:42)
05. Circumcised By A Blind Rabbi (9:26)
06. Extract No. 10 (5:49)
07. Through The Lens Of A Mad Eye (3:35)
08. Pierre Never Made It (5:21)
09. From The Opened Red Lips (3:42)
10. In Like A Bull, Out Like A General (6:04)
11. The Birth Of Zarathustra (6:12)
12. My Body... (6:42)
13. Locomotive Shudder (4:20)

Скачать (320K): HERE

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