February 09, 2010

☼ Bruno Menny - Cosmographie LP

"Cosmographie" is the sole solo-LP from Bruno Menny. Mainly known for engineering, arrangement, and production for people like Mouloudji (the voice on "Le Condamné A Mort" with André Almuro and Jean Genet), Michel Portal (French composer and jazz performer from Bayonne.), Benoît Widemann, and a little-known but fairly fantastic French experimental folk group called "La Chiffone," Menny worked magic combining early electronic / electro-acoustic compositions and space themes. This is pretty much your premium François Bayle-lineage bleep fest with the occasional detour into 'music' ...angry-sounding synths (almost on par with something off Pierre Henry's "Mise En Musique Du Corticalart De Roger Lafosse") before the space-winds and some super-cool echoplexed / detuned electric guitar spazz cuts through the haze, leaving a trail of ghost-voices in its wake.

Год: 1960's
Страна: France
Лейбл: Arion

01. Orbite Autour De La Planète 3 (19:12)
02. Cosmos (16:05)

Скачать 320k: HERE

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