February 15, 2010

☼ Brume - Musique Pour Les Êtres Humains MC

Here's the first 'visitor-request' on the new ╬ §ĬÇҜИ ΛБΘЏИЧ ╬ blog...
This release was recorded at Brume Rec. Apr. 1993, and produced for O.E.C. July 1993.
Limited to 167 pieces.

Год: 1993
Страна: France
Лейбл: Old Europa Cafe

01. Face Passive (28:09)
02. Face Active (28:35)

Скачать (256K):


Anonymous said...

Wow, have you been busy! Thanks for all of your hard work.


Anonymous said...

A thousand of "Thanks" !

Punky Prouster said...

Nice one. Thought we lost you for a moment there.

I really appreciate all your Brume tracking. C. Renou has produced my theme songs since I was lil.

I still have the cassette in red-painted case from OEC somewhere..