February 09, 2010

☼ Blue Eyed Christ - Leaders + Followers [June 2008 re-post]

In 1990, with Doc Martins firmly planted in Chicago's ebm music scene, John Norten forged a dark, aggro-industrial sound. Converting his bedroom into a "technological noise factory," the then 19-year old Norten took creative control and became his own studio engineer. He enrolled in "basic principals of sound" at Chicago's Columbia College and continued independent experimentation with drums, techno-bass lines, keyboards and samples. A collector of unique and aggressive samples, Norten often allowed the sample to become the emotional catalyst for the music and lyrics that followed. Norten started collaborating with others (who would become band members) once his own ideas were firmly grounded. With Norten as their leader, Blue Eyed Christ was born.
The name was chosen for its symbolic value as an oxymoron. The traditional depiction of Christ as fair-haired and blue-eyed is just one example of society's self-deception, says Norten, who believes his music will wake up society's sleepwalking followers.

Год: 1991
Страна: Chi-Town, USA
Лейбл: Kk Records

01. Intro / Surrender (4:25)
02. Angels (4:46)
03. Crucifixion (4:34)
04. Catch My Fall (5:40)
05. Addictive (4:45)
06. I'm Falling (4:27)
07. Land Of Hypocrisy (4:46)
08. Spiritualism (4:37)
09. Angels [reprise] (1:52)

Скачать 320k: HERE

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