February 10, 2010

☼ Врата Тьмы - Саги / Войны Северной Земли [January 2009 re-post]

Influences from black metal, folk, melodeath, and even power metal combine to make an oddly satisfying listening experience. Technically it's a viking metal album. But, with a laundry list of influences, it doesn't sound like your typical viking metal. The folk influences here aren't as obvious as most bands of the genre. Most of the melody is in the guitar riffs rather than the keyboards... which are pleasant without being overused. There aren’t many 'drinking song'-like moments either, which is a huge change from many Viking bands who base their sound on trying to sound as drunk as possible. However, this means that the songs aren't instantly catchy (although they are definitely more intricate than most comparable bands) The vocalist has the proper harsh voice for the genre, straddling the line between black and death vocals. The lyrics are in Russian which adds to the overall atmosphere. The chant-like sections of band members singing in unison (or just the vocalist on a bunch of different tracks) also adds a lot. The band classifies themselves as Vityaz' Metal. Vityaz' being an ancient Russian word for knight or warrior. Sometime after the '97 demo, the band split-up, only to return in 2004 to record the aforementioned full-length album.

Год: 1997 / 2004
Страна: Russia
Лейбл: More Hate Prod.

☼ Врата Тьмы - Саги MC

01. Іитяо (2:58)
02. Легенда о Синегорье (4:09)
03. Ветер Скитаний (3:35)
04. Правда Богов (5:49)
05. Песнь Волка (5:44)
06. Оцтяо (2:16)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Врата Тьмы - Войны Северной Земли

01.Падение ночи 5:01)
02. Перун (4:22)
03. Земля (4:57)
04. Драконы морей (4:56)
05. Рагнарек (6:32)
06. В гаснущем пламени (4:05)
07. Песнь надежды (4:02)
08. Замок (4:17)
09. Войны северной земли (4:42)
10. Белый воин (5:13)

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