February 12, 2010

☼ Babylon Whores - King Fear


Imagine melding Black Sabbath with Bauhaus, (with some Trouble and Entombed tossed in) and you might be able to understand the sound of Babylon Whores. The dark sarcasm of their lyrics could be described as the unearthed writings of a human society gone to hell in a hand-basket, asking "what the hell did we do wrong? where did we all get lost?" mirroring the world through western occult and philosophic traditions and spitting venom over all our misconceptions of the ways of the world and the sheer blindness of it's inhabitants.
This release is their best and my personal favorite. Never heard of em before? GET THIS!

Год: 1999
Страна: Finland
Лейбл: Necropolis Records

01. Errata Stigmata (3:34)
02. Radio Werewolf (3:54)
03. Hand Of Glory (3:24)
04. Veritas (4:59)
05. Skeleton Farm (3:45)
06. To Behold The Suns Below (5:33)
07. Exit Eden (4:33)
08. Sol Niger (3:57)
09. Fey (4:36)
10. King Fear: Song For The Damned (5:22)

Скачать(320K): RS-or- MEGA

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