February 12, 2010

☼ Agnivolok - Sculptor LP

This is a project by Vera Agnivolok, who plays guitar, sings and writes lyrics (in Russian) influenced by magical realism. She is supported by experimental musicians Vadim Gusis and Igor Krutogolov.
Within the neo-folk subculture, Agnivolok stands completely alone. Inspirations from Russian folklore weave into mystical ambient and powerful experimental, freely improvised musical passages. Vera's sad, clear vocals are especially pronounced.
This version was limited to 500 pieces.

Год: 2002
Страна: Israel
Лейбл: Stateart

01. Heart Of Stone (2:48)
02. Close (5:49)
03. Sculptor (7:45)
04. Far Away (6:03)
05. Penance (23:12)
06. Angels [non-LP bonus track] (4:09)

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