February 09, 2010

☼ Ad Vanz vs. Gescom & Foehn - Split Series #2 / Autechre - EP7 hidden track #-01 + Mcr Quarter (live '98)

Here's a nice little æ_G pak...
idm, experimental breaks, ambient drone... it's all good!

Год: 1998 / 1999 / 2001
Страна: UK
Лейбл: FatCat Records / Warprecords / Beat Records

☼ Ad Vanz vs. Gescom / Foehn - Split Series #2

What an incredible record! The Ad Vanz vs. Gescom side of this record is probably their best moment. Deep sounds coming out of the depths fill any room with nodding heads. The track starts with harsh sounds but then come the sweet sounds to level out the composition. This one track is easily on par with Autechre's Incanabula album. Often overlooked are the excellent 'ambient-noise-drones' from Foehn! Probably their longest tracks ever recorded, too.
btw, supposedly the Ad Vanz vs. Gescom track is "formed entirely from 'Buck Rogers' samples." -- not too sure about that, though.

01. Ad Vanz vs. Gescom: Viral (6:59)
02. Foehn: Shrouded (4:45)
03. Foehn: Funeral In Space (9:15)

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☼ Autechre - EP7 hidden track #-01

Not available on the Nothing Records version (U.S.), this is the untitled hidden track from the U.K. version. In order to hear the untitled track, you needed to rewind from track 1. The untitled track runs from -9:47 to -3:00, after which there is three minutes of silence.

-01. Untitled (6:47)

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☼ Autechre - Mcr Quarter (Live Bonus Track)

The Japanese always ask for something extra for their country's releases, and thankfully, most artists oblige! Here's the one Japanese bonus track from "Confield."

01. Mcr Quarter [Recorded Live At Band On The Wall, Manchester 1998] (11:03)

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