February 09, 2010

☼ Absent Minded - Endless Pain

Not to be confused with the hip-hop/rap artist of the same name from Sweden, this Absent Minded, from Germany, was an underrated 'one-album wonder' on the infamous Celtic Circle label. Heavy beats, fat synths, distorted vokillz -- dark EBM at its finest! Three years later, the band changed musical direction in favor of more electro synth-pop, and had one more release ('Killer' maxi-CD) before fading into obscurity forever.
I'd like to correct myself. I dug out my 'Killer' maxi-CD and as soon as I saw the cover, (I hadn't looked at it in about 10 years) I instantaneously remembered how it sounded, and knew I was totally WRONG about the musical direction change. It's every bit as dark-EBM as 'Endless Pain' is. I'm chuffed I still have these tracks, so I'll probably upload them sometime. :)
"Endless Pain" will appeal to fans of 'older' XMTP, amGod, yelworC, Serpents, Sleepwalk, Putrefy Factor 7, etc.

Год: 1994
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: Celtic Circle Productions

01. Endless Pain (2:30)
02. Hell Broken Loose (4:02)
03. Absent Minded (4:28)
04. No Chance (3:47)
05. He's Back (4:09)
06. Let Me... (4:21)
07. The Indifferent (5:26)
08. She Can't Say No (4:09)
09. The 90's (3:50)
10. Died In A War (4:53)
11. The Lines (3:54)
12. Aimless - Hopeless (5:26)
13. C.H.U.D. (5:01)

Скачать: HERE

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Anonymous said...

Now i hear theres an ultra rare 2nd cd that never got released??????