February 10, 2010

☼ 1g0g - Покрый мя от всякого зла (Protect Me From All Evil)

Gosh Solntsev (1gоg) is an electronic composer from Russia. His works would best be described as dark industrial ambient drone. He uses any possible sounds (choirs, strikes on copper pipes, church bells, the rustle of leaves, gusts of wind, sermons, phone calls, organ chords, etc., etc.) and converts them in real time beyond recognition which then serves as the material for his song constructions. In keeping with the Orthodox tradition and religion as a prerequisite, he is able to present the listener with spiritual cleansing in addition to great ambiance. But don't let the religious thing scare you off, you'll like it no matter what religion you are or aren't ;)
If you can imagine Scanner remixing a track off the "Assaults on the Human Body" release by Allegory Chapel Ltd., whereas the Scanner elements tame down the ACL elements so as not to sound as harsh, that might be a decent example of 1gоg's release here. It has that feeling to me.
Limited to 150 pieces.

Год: 2008
Страна: Russia
Лейбл: New Orthodox Line

01. Покрый мя от всякого зла [Protect Me From All Evil] (50:07)

Скачать 320k: HERE

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