February 27, 2010

☼ Deutsches Kulturgut - Rückwärts / Tesendalo - Vorwärts MC

Deutsches Kulturgut und Tesendalo were studio projects by Michael Wurzer and Peter Schuster, both Nürnberg "free self-expression" musicians, creating haunting industrial ambient noise, influenced by Zoviet-France, Klaus Schulze, etc... organic, long-lasting unhurried passages, clouded by monotonous drones with fleeting and fragmentarily torn radiant sounds.

Год: 1992
Страна: Germany
Лейбл: IRRE Tapes

A). Deutsches Kulturgut - Rückwärts
01. Untitled (11:48)
02. Untitled (6:03)
03. Untitled (4:57)
04. Untitled (1:34)
05. Untitled (2:43)
B). Tesendalo - Vorwärts
06. Untitled (9:00)
07. Untitled (5:35)
08. Untitled (5:24)
09. Untitled (4:31)
10. Untitled (4:06)

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☼ Ondo - Mahavishnu [November 2008 re-post]

This is the majestic full-length debut album from Sweden's Ondo (C-J Larsgården).
An intricately textured doomed drone, blackened ambience and lush nocturnal electronica, delicately crafted into a dark cinematic vision. A shadow dreamscape of overpowering density, akin to an intoxicating fusion of early Earth, raison d'être and a touch of the shimmering haze of Fennesz.
Limited to 500 pieces.

Год: 2008
Страна: Sweden
Лейбл: Paradigms Recordings

01. Mahavishnu (4:00)
02. Forrest (5:52)
03. First (4:20)
04. Moerkret (10:40)
05. 1920 (10:08)
06. Second (3:17)
07. Sleep (6:45)
08. End (11:14)

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☼ Minamata - Niigata

Originally limited to 50 pieces, here's a re-issue of the 3rd MC release by this legendary French group.
Recorded in 1985, it's their most powerful material (at the time), combining old school industrial, noise, and power electronics. This is the sound of agony!
In addition to the complete "Niigata 1964-1965" MC, also included are two compilation tracks recorded during the same period, plus one peviously unreleased 17 minute track recorded in 2002.

Год: 1985-1986 / 2002 (2007)
Страна: France
Лейбл: Zone de Confusion

01. Niigata [Part 1] (4:11)
02. Niigata Fetal Case (9:55)
03. Niigata [Part 2] (6:04)
04. Niigata [1965] (5:39)
05. Es Ist Schwer.../...Zu Leben (7:50)
06. Niigata [1964] (7:13)
07. Wo Sind Sie (5:48)
08. Nacht Und Nächte (5:38)
09. Niigata [2002] (17:17)

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☼ Under The Noise - Of Generation And Corruption

If I didn't already know this was one band, I'd think it was a 4-way split between different artists. Sometimes ambient, sometimes aggro. Sometimes droning, sometimes pulsing. Sometimes fast and dance-y, sometimes slow and melodic... UTN takes ambient, punk, drone, trip-hop, industrial and sometimes even rap and melts them down, fusing them together and turning it into unique aggro-industrial ebm.

Год: 1995
Страна: UK
Лейбл: COP International

01. This World Desire (4:04)
02. Future Automatic (Corruption Mix) (5:50)
03. Vision In Long Darkness (7:21)
04. Sun (3:11)
05. The Mountain (4:07)
06. 13th Tribe (4:42)
07. Passing The Sceptre (5:37)
08. Driving Electric Magic (4:40)
09. Through The Inside (3:19)
10. Lie (3:52)
11. Void (5:33)
12. Circle Of The Eclipse (7:44)


☼ Giddle & Boyd - Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt EP [November 2008 re-post]

Boyd Rice has always displayed an immaculate taste in music, and this latest collaboration with Giddle Partidge, a member of the Partridge Family Temple, sure looks set to be a lot of fun.
With Boyd Rice's collaboration with Rose McDowall (Spell) on what seems to be a permanent hiatus, Boyd Rice has teamed up with Giddle Partridge, who appears to be something of a personality in the cult Hollywood scene. While Spell focussed on songs of love and death, Giddle and Boyd appear to be taking their cues from sixties French Pop, psychedelic and punk electro. That's certainly what comprises "Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt," the first fruits of this collaboration which leans heavily on the work of Brigitte Bardot.
Giddle lends her sultry voice to 'Contact', a groovy keyboard lead number - some may recognise as the basis of the Death In June track 'Flieger.' Boyd and Giddle take the place of Serge Gainsbourg and Bardot for 'Bonnie and Clyde' in an almost carbon copy of the original this time sung in English. Giddle and Boyd are way more glam than Spell, it's all psychedelic designs and day-glo colours. And listening to GoGo Giddle on 'Bubble Gum New Forever' as she refers to herself as "an amusement park" before going on to describe her ample physical charms to the melody of the Shangri Las' 'He Cried' you realize that GoGo Giddle is more than willing to go all the way. Elsewhere there's the rock'n'roll electro throb of Suicide's 'Rocket USA' and the instrumental garage-rock of 'Sunset Strip SS' and the title track - featuring Brian M. Clark co-founder of the UNPOP art movement and editor of Standing In Two Circles: The Collected Works Of Boyd Rice.
This release was limited to 1,000 pieces.

Год: 2008
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Discriminate Audio

01. Contact (2:21)
02. Sunset Strip SS (1:44)
03. Rocket USA [Suicide cover] (2:48)
04. Bubblegum New Forever (3:00)
05. Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt (1:55)
06. Bonnie & Clyde (4:10)

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☼ Air Conditioning - Weakness

Like a giant, industrial-sized warehouse cooling machine, Air Conditioning are filled with rumbling, metallic thuds and an almost soothing rhythm of vibrating gears. With ease, a mighty pace gallops towards you, like a train carrying thousands of gallons of petrol in a thunderstorm. As if Universal Indians decided to spend a day playing only Neanderthal songs, or if Harry Pussy did their best interpretation of 'Holy Money' by Swans while hanging out at Ramleh's practice space, Air Conditioning punish with teeth-grinding intensity; bass gurglings and unholy guitar tricks carried with a heavy dose of bass-snare interplay.

Год: 2004
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Level Plane Records

01. Accusation, Denial, Denali (1:00)
02. Baby With A Graphite Soft Spot / Smooth Branches (23:22)
03. Welcome To SeaWorld / Championship Rings (15:51)

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February 26, 2010

☼ Hypnoz - Breath Of Earth [November 2008 re-post]

Hypnoz is a project of Dmitry Zubov, a musician from Moscow suburb town Fryazino, which endowed the lovers of post-industrial music with such names as Hum and Staruha Mha. Aside from Hypnoz, Dmitry plays in several other projects: Zuboff Sex Shop (post-punk / new-wave), Circle Of Iron Tape (harsh noise), BRZB (electronics, with Alexey Borisov), Cisfinitum, etc. Though released in 2008, the material on this release was recorded between 2003-2007.
Limited to 500 pieces.

Год: 2008
Страна: Russia
Лейбл: Zhelezobeton

01. Rise (4:40)
02. Wandering River (6:14)
03. Whisper Before Sleep (7:37)
04. Storm (5:21)
05. Secret Wave (4:42)
06. Water (7:11)
07. Earth (5:17)

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☼ Contrastate - Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers / English Embers / False Fangs For Old Werewolves

Defunct UK ambient/experimental duo (Jonathan Grieve & Stephen Meixner), which turned into a trio (adding Stephen J. Pomeroy) by the end of their career, formed in 1987. (Meixner went on to create music as SRMeixner.) Their initial musical ventures were of a more improvisational nature, based on noise and volume, but not to be confused with power electronics. Sounds emerged, sub-merged and re-emerged at varying frequencies with extreme tonality. The idea was physical confrontation through sound, and some of that early influence can be heard on their first LP "Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers."

☼ Contrastate - Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers

a 2005 re-mastered re-issue of the limited edition LP. (1989 Black Rose Recordings)

Год: 1989 (2005)
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Dirter Promotions

01. As Time Began (19:44)
02. Thirst For Knowledge (11:10)
03. The Man Seeking Experience Enquires His Way Of A Drop Of Water (8:20)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Contrastate - English Embers EP

a 1996 re-release of the Χοντραστατε "English Embers" 7'' (1994 Drone Records) with an additional bonus track.

Год: 1994 (1996)
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Fin De Siècle Media

01. English Embers [Εντλιση Εμβερσ] (4:36)
02. In Absentia [Ιν Αβσεντια] (6:13)
03. Northern Twilight [bonus track] (8:51)

Скачать: BOTH HERE

☼ Contrastate - False Fangs For Old Werewolves

a collection of rare and previously unreleased material.

Год: 2005
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Fin De Siècle Media

01. I Am A Clown Collecting Moments (And Other Chocolates) (4:37)
02. Poodles In Practice Dress At The Battersea Dogs' Opera (0:32)
03. Like A Saint On A Stake (3:11)
04. Virophilia (7:42)
05. Circumcised By A Blind Rabbi (9:26)
06. Extract No. 10 (5:49)
07. Through The Lens Of A Mad Eye (3:35)
08. Pierre Never Made It (5:21)
09. From The Opened Red Lips (3:42)
10. In Like A Bull, Out Like A General (6:04)
11. The Birth Of Zarathustra (6:12)
12. My Body... (6:42)
13. Locomotive Shudder (4:20)

Скачать (320K): HERE

☼ Magmax - Magmagenome 12''+7'' Box Set

Magmax was an industrial acid power electronics project by the late Koji Tano, aka MSBR. Different from MSBR in that he created rhythmic harsh noise using a TB-303 bass synth (thus the 'acid' inference) with screaming vocalists in addition to other distortion devices.
Limited to 300 pieces.

Release Year: 1997
Artist(s) Country: Japan
Label: 220N

Track List:
01. Magma Zone / Birth Of Magmax / Magma Moon Rising (21:56)
02. Magma Krupps [Live at Maebashi Rattan on '97.10.19] (15:47)
03. Magmagenome [Live at Studio 80 on '97.07.20] (5:45)
04. Magma Apocalypse (5:57)
05. Bastard In Magmax - Magma Mantra (5:40)

※ Track 01 is 'gapless' containing all three tracks in one.

Скачать: 320K-or- FLAC

February 24, 2010

☼ des Esseintes - Mondo Macabro [December 2008 re-post]

A classic example of what's old is new! "Mondo Macabro" conveniently compiles all of the des Esseintes vinyl releases since 2000, remastered them, boosted them to eye popping levels, and if that weren't enough, added 3 bonus, unreleased tracks to top it off! 12 tracks in total, spanning the 'Muse' (2000) and 'On/Off' (2002) 7”s, the split LP with Magmax (2001), and the split 10” with Negru Voda (2001). A great history lesson in the short existence of des Esseintes, each track on each subsequent release just seems to up the ante, with one track more crushing than the next. A steady, doom filled procession of post-apocalyptic, tribal percussion, deadening, jackhammer rhythms, and dramatic, suspense filled atmospheres. When Armageddon hits, rest assured, you’ll have your soundtrack.
I love Malignant... this is mandatory!

: 2000-2002 (2006)
: Sweden
: Malignant

01. Muse (5:49)
02. Succubus (6:02)
03. King of the Jungle (5:02)
04. Fragments (8:46)
05. Tension (5:50)
06. Release (5:56)
07. Aftermath (8:17)
08. On (4:46)
09. Off (3:48)
10. Strange Tremors (6:46)
11. Like Myself (6:26)
12. Discontinued [Original Version] (4:59)

Скачать : HERE

☼ Sandoz Lab Technicians (James Kirk, Natan Thompson, Tim Cornelius) - The Three Imposters 3x8"EP [lathe cut]

New Zealand underground free-improv group comprised of James Kirk, Tim Cornelius, Nathan Thompson and occasionally Mark Curragh (but not for this release).
"The Three Imposters" offers four whacked out SLT improv electric jazz slams, while the remaining tracks are 'solo' compositions from each member.
Limited to 30 pieces.

: 1999
: New Zealand
: Crawlspace Records

01. Sandoz Lab Technicians: Decapitados (6:33)
02. James Kirk: These Quarks For Muster Mark (3:33)
03. James Kirk: Quaquaversal (3:35)
04. Sandoz Lab Technicians: Ras Ark (6:42)
05. Natan Thompson: Old Steam (4:46)
06. Natan Thompson: Raven (1:44)
07. Sandoz Lab Technicians: Beyond the Wall of Sleep (5:27)
08. Sandoz Lab Technicians: Sewer Babies (1:30)
09. Tim Cornelius: Horned Waning Moon (2:10)
10. Tim Cornelius: The Fast Dimension (1:25)
11. Tim Cornelius: Air Samarkand (2:56)

Скачать: HERE

☼ ¾HadBeenEliminated - A Year Of The Aural Gauge Operation

¾HadBeenEliminated was founded in Bologna, Italy, in 2002. Starting as a trio (guitarist/double bassist Stefano Pilia, turntablist/sound assembler Claudio Rocchetti, sound architect Valerio Tricoli) in 2004 the line up was extended to drummer Tony Arrabito.
"A Year Of The Aural Gauge Operation" was recorded in their own studio in Bologna. It features nine songs composed of live improvisations, all of them slightly different in genre. ¾'s aim is to create a psychedelic musical flow, one in which new elements and different styles can be superimposed to enrich and develop the peculiar narrative of the album. A collection of off-centre industrial disturbances, verging on psychedelia, that need to be blasted at full volume to experience the best of its dense sound. Guitars and drumming are conspicuous, even as they're counterweighted by the group's customary clicks and hums. Punctuated by constellations of percussive disturbance and drowned in a sea of dark loops similar to Philip Jeck's darkest work, the effect can be ghostlike.

: 2005
: Italy
: Häpna

01. Widower (9:53)
02. Labour Chant (5:24)
03. Shifting Position (1:54)
04. Wave Bye Bye To The King (10:10)
05. Monkey Talk (4:24)
06. Loop Recorder In The Patient With Heart Disease (4:03)
07. In Every Tree A Heartache (8:32)
08. Fun With Nails (3:30)
09. As Of Yore (11:33)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Walter Marchetti - In Terram Utopicam / Per La Sete Dell'orecchio / Natura Morta / Vandalia / The Bird Of Paradise

Walter Marchetti (born in 1931) is an Italian composer who adopted John Cage's dadaist aesthetic and pioneered interactive and concrete music. In 1964 he formed the ZAJ group (a sort of European version of Fluxus) with Juan Hidalgo in Madrid. He still active, producing music and performances.

Год: 1977 / 1984 / 1989 / 2001
Страна: Italy
Лейбл: Cramps Records / Alga Marghen

☼ Walter Marchetti - In Terram Utopicam LP

01. J'aimerai Jouer Avec Un Piano Qui Aurait Un Grosse Queue (Per Pianoforte A Quaranta mani) [1974-75] (22:32)
02. Adversus (Homenade Electric Music) [1966] (12:04)
03. Osmanthus Fragrans (Homenade Electric Music) [1973] (13:23)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Walter Marchetti - Per La Sete Dell'orecchio LP

01. Per La Sete Dell'orecchio (27:45)
02. Da Nulla E Verso Nulla (22:54)
03. Song For John Cage (12:04)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Walter Marchetti - Natura Morta

01. Natura Morta (69:27)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Walter Marchetti - Vandalia

01. Le Secche Del Delirio [feat. Juan Hidalgo] (33:23)
02. Perpetuum Mobile (29:00)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Walter Marchetti - The Bird Of Paradise LP [one-sided]

Recorded at Studio RDS Milano March 1997.
Limited to approx. 200 pieces.

01. The Bird Of Paradise (24:53)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Robert Normandeau - Tangram

Robert Normandeau is an electroacoustic music composer from Québec City, Canada.
He studied at the Université Laval in Québec City, and at the Université de Montréal, where he studied with Marcelle Deschênes and Francis Dhomont. In 1999 he was appointed Professor of Electroacoustic Music Composition. Having produced several instrumental and mixed works, his more recent endeavors are focused on acousmatic music. More specifically, his compositions employ æsthetic criteria whereby he creates a “cinema for the ear” in which ‘meaning’ as well as ‘sound’ become elements which elaborate his works.

: 1994
: Canada
: empreintes DIGITALes

01. Bédé (3:05)
02. Éclats De Voix (14:53)
03. Spleen (14:59)
04. Tropes (13:48)
05. Tangram (26:54)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Henry Brant / Gerhard Samuel - 80 Trombones and 30 Basses LP [December 2008 re-post]

Berlioz is said to have exclaimed "No instrument can lift you from the depths of hell to the heights of heaven as can the trombone." Perhaps this was after hearing the sinister unisons of pedal tones on eight trombones in his Requiem, notes previously unknown or thought impossible by trombonists. But what might Berlioz have thought of a complete orchestra of trombones, eighty strong, playing at times in eighty real parts, and spanning a better than five octave gamut, comprising soprano, alto, tenor, bass and contrabass trombones? This is what Henry Brant has undertaken in his "Orbits." Veteran Avant-gardist Brant has long believed that 'space' is just as important an element in composition as pitch or time values, which is why he chose St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco to recorded the first performance on February 1979. The scene at St. Mary's was vaguely surreal. In the pews was an audience of 1500, sedate as any church-goers. Ranged about them in a huge semicircle was a gleaming array of 80 trombonists, as if a parade had lost its way and sought sanctuary. But when the music began, the sound was a far cry from Sousa. Separated by staccato commentaries from the cathedral's pipe organ, densely dissonant sonorities clashed and blended over the listeners' heads. Full-throated blares, splintery muted phrases, the crooning tones of the soprano trombone, the rumble of its contrabass relative - all seemed to accelerate in a circular motion, spinning into the cathedral's 190-foot cupola like an earthly echo of the music of the spheres. The premiere of "Orbits" was one of his most ambitious formations yet. Many of the performers belonged to a busy San Francisco trombone choir called the Bay Bones. Reinforcements included the entire trombone sections of the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, the San Francisco Symphony and the Oakland Symphony. One musician even came all the way from Florida. It was worth it!
Gerhard Samuel became a major force on the American music scene through his continued efforts on behalf of American and European composers. Many distinguished works have had their first performances at his initiative and under his leadership. His works have been performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, San Francisco Symphony, Denver Symphony, National Symphony of Mexico, Cabrillo Festival, St. Paul and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestras, LaSalle Quartet, and many others. He has held conducting posts with the Minneapolis Symphony, Oakland Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and San Francisco Ballet. He is an international guest conductor of symphony orchestras and operas and is an established recording artist. He is professor of Music at the College-Conservatory at the University of Cincinnati. "What Of My Music" was written between March 13 and 29, 1979 at the request of Barry Green on behalf of the International Society of Bassists which holds an annual summer school at the College-Conservatory. It requires a lyric coloratura soprano, two solo double basses, (also two solo basses in the ensemble), twenty-eight tutti basses and three percussion players playing flexatone, vibraphones, marimbas, tam-tams, suspended cymbal, triangle, crotales, snare drum, chimes, thermos-shell and gourd. On a basic level the soprano represents the exterior manifestation of Emily Dickinson's intense guest for reaching "the sole ear I care to charm'; the basses carry the interior monologue. But, as always when talking about music, this is gross oversimplification, since fundamentally "What Of My Music" is, after all, his reaction to Miss Dickinson's poem.

: 1980
: Canada / Germany

01. Henry Brant: Orbits (21:08)
02. Gerhard Samuel: What of My Music (15:11)

Скачать 320k: HERE

☼ Urauschwitz - Zirkuszerfall

Here's the debut release of a new Russian esoteric project Urauschwitz, oriented towards the world around us. The world which is complicated, saturated with signs and littered by propaganda. Urauschwitz presents their overview of this "Zirkuszerfall" ("Circus of Decay") through a distorted mirror with a sense of black humour. The manner of soundwork of Urauschwitz can be compared to German project Turbund Sturmwerk. The artwork of this release (embedded in the files) should be particularly mentioned: it's done in vein of industrial constructivism (a non-objective art movement originating in Russia and concerned with formal organization of planes and expression of volume in terms of modern industrial materials) of the artist Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (although some parallels with Turbund Sturmwerk can be found here too), but with a bit of "contamination" of sunny Man-Engine by kabbalistic art.

: 2008
: Russia
: Urauschwitz

01. Golemass (6:02)
02. Gravitatiohnmacht (8:52)
03. Radioshoa (10:55)
04. Abgrundichter (10:06)
05. Blutollheit (6:30)
06. Helglucklicht (8:03)

Скачать: HERE

February 23, 2010

☼ Nueva Germania - Tanzbande 1937

An industrial / ambient / experimental project from Germany. The name itself comes from the Nueva Germania settlement in Paraguay, which was founded in 1888 as a racially pure utopian settlement of the Aryan race. 1937 is a tribute to Ralph Gean and NON. Limited to 580 pieces.

: 2005
: Germany
: S.P.K.R. (Italy)

01. Occidental Wind (5:22)
02. You Smell (3:15)
03. Das Ende (3:10)
04. African.Pop.Culture (3:40)
05. Alptraume (4:39)
06. Tanzbande (4:39)
07. Love Is Over (5:01)
08. The Loved Angels (2:54)
09. White Limou And Golden Stars (3:55)
10. Hieratu (7:36)
11. Kaled & Kalidi (8:52)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Contrastate - Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers / False Fangs For Old Werewolves

Defunct UK ambient/experimental duo which turned into a trio by the end of their career. Stephen Meixner went on to create music as SRMeixner. Formed in 1987, their initial musical ventures were of a more improvisational nature, based on noise and volume, but not to be confused with power electronics. Sounds emerged, sub-merged and re-emerged at varying frequencies with extreme tonality. The idea was physical confrontation through sound, and some of that early influence can be heard on their first LP "Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers." "False Fangs For Old Werewolves" is a collection of rare and unreleased material.

Год: 1989 / 2005
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Fin De Siècle Media (Sweden)

☼ Contrastate - English Embers EP

1996 re-release of the XONTPAΣTATE 'English Embers' 7'' with an added bonus track.

01. English Embers (4:36)
02. In Absentia (6:13)
03. Northern Twilight [bonus track] (8:51)

» » » » P L U S « « « «

☼ Contrastate - Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers

01. As Time Began (19:44)
02. Thirst For Knowledge (11:10)
03. The Man Seeking Experience Enquires His Way Of A Drop Of Water (8:20)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Contrastate - False Fangs For Old Werewolves

01. I Am A Clown Collecting Moments (And Other Chocolates) (4:37)
02. Poodles In Practice Dress At The Battersea Dogs' Opera (0:32)
03. Like A Saint On A Stake (3:11)
04. Virophilia (7:42)
05. Circumcised By A Blind Rabbi (9:26)
06. Extract No. 10 (5:49)
07. Through The Lens Of A Mad Eye (3:35)
08. Pierre Never Made It (5:21)
09. From The Opened Red Lips (3:42)
10. In Like A Bull, Out Like A General (6:04)
11. The Birth Of Zarathustra (6:12)
12. My Body... (6:42)
13. Locomotive Shudder (4:20)

Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2

February 16, 2010

☼ Zero Kama - Live 1985-09-13 NL-Centrum, Amsterdam

Early ritual industrial project of Michael DeWitt. (Nekrophile Records) Zero Kama did only two performances, one in Amsterdam and one in Arnheim. The Arnheim one is available on CD from Arsregia, and the Amsterdam one is below.
For studio recordings, ZK used solely human bones and skulls to create their music, but in concert was quite different, as they also used acoustic instruments, bass and guitars.

Год: 1985
Страна: Austria
Лейбл: n/a

01. (12:17)
02. (6:30)
03. (8:21)
04. (4:25)
05. (8:45)
06. (5:28)
07. (12:22)
08. (6:33)
09. (4:56)
10. (2:49)
11. (0:07)

Скачать: HERE

☼ SPK - The Peel Session +

I don't think this was included in that VOD box ;)

Год: 1983
Страна: Australia
Лейбл: Strange Fruit

01. Metal Dance [Peel Session 31.8.83] (4:42)
02. Metal Field [Peel Session 31.8.83] (5:44)
03. Will To Power [Peel Session 31.8.83] (5:40)
04. Untitled [Peel Session 31.8.83] (3:30)
05. Sandstorm Method [Peel Session 31.8.83] (5:41)
06. The Shape Of Things To Come [Jensen Session 01.11.83] (5:44)

Скачать: HERE

☼ Necrocock - Praktiky Pohřebních Ústavů

Necrocock is the ex-guitarist of the Czech cult black metal band Master's Hammer. The title of this release, 'Praktiky Pohřebních Ústavů' (meaning: Funeral Home Practices) is a reflection of his time spent working at a funeral home. The music of Necrocock is more 'dark' metal than 'black' metal... one might even call it 'goth' -- and there are also elements of darkwave electronica. It's a very interesting listen, but definitely not for the militant metal purist.

Год: 1990 / 2004
Страна: Czech Republic
Лейбл: Shindy Productions

01. Smrt Je Teprve Začátek (2:07)
02. Orgány Se Spalují (4:37)
03. Tlecí Doba (3:59)
04. Černý Mramor (5:11)
05. Procházka Urnovým Hájem (2:14)
06. Porucha Mechanismu Pecí (4:00)
07. Rozptylová Louka (4:33)
08. Noční Provoz (6:01)
09. Řecké Ohně (1:36)
10. Prázdniny (6:47)
11. Oligofrenní Dívka (4:15)

※ Tracks 1-9 are an unreleased 1990 demo.
※ Tracks 10-11 were recorded in 2004 for this release.

Скачать: HERE
(you might have trouble un-packing this file if your computer is not configured to display Czech text.)

February 15, 2010

☼ M.B.│Maurizio Bianchi | Leibstandarte SS MB | + Collaborations [July 2008 re-post]

Here's the second 'visitor-request' for the new ╬ §ĬÇҜИ ΛБΘЏИЧ ╬ ...a re-posting of Maurizio Bianchi! Here are just a few scraps to keep the salivating hounds off my back ;)
Enjoy! :)

Год: 1979 - 2008
Страна: Italy
Лейбл: Mectpyo Sounds / Banned Production / Murder Release / DYS / Broken Flag / Marquis Records / EEs'T Records Silentes Minimal Editions

☼ M.B. - Mectpyo

01. Maidanek Bakterium / Muzique Belzec (44:32)
02. Mutant Brain / Mord Bahnhof (44:43)

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☼ M.B. - I.B.M.

01. Untitled (30:02)
02. Untitled (30:01)

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☼ M.B. - Industrial

01. Part I (30:00)
02. Part II (29:54)

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☼ M.B. - NH/HN

01. NH (30:25)
02. HN (30:56)

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☼ M.B. - Symphony For A Genocide [BF18A]

01. Untitled [a] (23:25)
02. Untitled [b] (22:57)

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☼ M.B. - Endometrio

01. Primo Ciclo (Anatomico): Endometrio (23:33)
02. Secondo Ciclo (Fisiologico): Endometrio (22:48)
03. Excerpt From 'Cold Tape' (2:56)
04. Excerpt From 'Morder Tape' (3:09)
05. Excerpt From 'Blut Tape' (1:38)
06. Excerpt From 'Technology Tape' (0:20)
07. Excerpt From 'N.H. Tape' (1:20)
08. Excerpt From 'Das Testament' (5:55)

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☼ M.B. - Mectpyo Bakterium

01. Fetish Pinksha (25:02)
02. Stérile Règles (24:30)
03. Placenta (4:56)
04. Untitled (3:38)

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☼ M.B. - Neuro Habitat / Mörder Unter Uns

01. Mörder Unter Uns (23:32)
02. Neuro Habitat (22:54)
03. Plutoniumetrio (4:16)

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☼ M.B. - Menses

01. Yra (24:40)
02. Scent (19:51)
03. Milán Bruits (4:05)
04. Industrial Murder (4:32)
05. Menstr... Bleeding (4:04)

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☼ M.B. - Regel

01. 1 (23:37)
02. 2 (23:26)
03. Acido Prussico (8:40)

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☼ M.B. - Carcinosi

01. Terzo Ciclo (Cianotico): Carcinosi Oswiecim (23:32)
02. Quarto Ciclo (Bionico): Carcinosi Brezezinka (23:03)
03. Untitled (3:55)
04. Untitled (8:05)

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☼ M.B. - Das Testament

01. Das Testament [part one] (20:19)
02. Das Testament [part two] (23:29)
03. M.B. Live at Radio Popolare, 1-1-83 [excerpt] (29:26)

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☼ M:B - S.F.A.G. 81 [BF18B]

01. Untitled [a] (31:20)
02. Untitled [b] (26:25)

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☼ M.B. - The Plain Truth

01. The Plain Truth (24:44)
02. M.B. 55 T.D. 56 (24:08)
03. M.B. Interview (13:43)

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☼ M.B. - Armaghedon

01. Untitled (23:33)
02. Untitled (23:39)

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☼ M.B. - Industrial Murder / Menstrual Bleeding

01. Part One: Industrial Murder (26:07)
02. Part Two: Menstrual Bleeding (21:56)

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☼ M.B. - Voyeur

01. Untitled [a] (31:48)
02. Untitled [b] (31:46)

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☼ M.B. - Atomique-Mörder

01. Untitled (6:40)
02. Untitled (3:24)
03. Untitled (3:33)
04. Untitled (16:40)
05. Untitled (5:26)
06. Untitled (6:20)
07. Untitled (13:10)
08. Untitled (5:17)

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☼ Maurizio Bianchi - Plays The Clockwork Orange LP / Examples of Cannibalism MC

〜 Plays The Clockwork Orange 〜
01. Plays The Clockwork Orange Part 1 (14:34)
02. Plays The Clockwork Orange Part 2 (14:06)
〜 Examples of Cannibalism 〜
01. Untitled (20:15)
02. Untitled (16:52)

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☼ Maurizio Bianchi - Colori

01. White (9:59)
02. Red (6:18)
03. Orange (6:11)
04. Yellow (6:26)
05. Green (6:26)
06. Blue (6:30)
07. Indigo (7:32)
08. Violet (6:11)
09. Colours (12:08)
10. Iride (6:15)

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☼ Maurizio Bianchi & Telepherique - The House Of Mourning

01. Sad News (6:27)
02. Shock (3:35)
03. Sorrow (2:57)
04. Refuse To Believe It (7:34)
05. Deep Pain (4:15)
06. Cry For Help (4:34)
07. Anxiety (6:17)
08. Emptiness (6:49)
09. Guilty Conscience (10:38)
10. Mood Fluctuation (6:10)
11. Rage (2:11)
12. Come To Terms (6:21)

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☼ Maurizio Bianchi / M.B. - Konkrete Klaenge

01. Untitled (38:29)
02. Untitled (38:24)

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☼ Maurizio Bianchi/M.B. & Atrax Morgue - M. Plus T.

(honestly, i am disappointed with this release... but you can judge for yourself)

Год: 2008
Страна: Italy
Лейбл: Silentes Minimal Editions

01. Mord (31:41)
└ a.) Mord I
└ b.) Mord II
└ c.) Mord III
└ d.) Mord IV
└ e.) Mord V
└ f.) Mord VI
└ g.) Mord VII
└ h.) Mord VIII
└ i.) Mord IX
└ j.) Mord X
└ k.) Mord XI
└ l.) Mord XII
└ m.) Mord XIII
└ n.) Mord XIV
└ o.) Mord XV
└ p.) Mord XVI
└ q.) Mord XVII
02. Tod (31:23)
└ a.) Tod I
└ b.) Tod II
└ c.) Tod III
└ d.) Tod IV
└ e.) Tod V
└ f.) Tod VI
└ g.) Tod VII
└ h.) Tod VIII
└ i.) Tod IX
└ j.) Tod X
└ k.) Tod XI
└ l.) Tod XII
└ m.) Tod XIII


☼ Leibstandarte SS MB - Triumph Of The Will LP + Lebensraum MC + 2 LP

The naming "Leibstandarte SS" happened after Maurizio Bianchi had turned over his music tapes to the ComeOrg.

Год: 1981
Страна: Italy
Лейбл: Murder Release

☼ Leibstandarte SS MB - Triumph Of The Will LP

The tracks of this album had been treated by an additional overlay of original propaganda speeches by top Nazis from the Third Reich. (for instance, Hitler's "unofficial" and somehow belated "declaration of war" against Poland [September 1st, 1939] pronounced in the German Reichstag in Berlin when the invasion of the Wehrmacht on this country was already happening for hours.) However, this supplementary "gimmick" was not instigated by M.B. - it was just a dubious idea of the ComeOrg. He did not give the permission to use Nazi speeches, and he also was unhappy with the fascist "Schutzstaffel" name for his record. MB thought the ComeOrg. label would be engaged here in a silly, somehow pubertarian "Nazi flirt" and therefore saw his reputation being endangered. As a consequence, Maurizio disowned "Triumph Of The Will" as his first LP and honored his second long-player to actually start his official vinyl discography.
Limited to 650 copies.

01. Triumph of the Will (18:31)
02. To Birkenau (18:28)

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☼ Leibstandarte SS MB - Lebensraum MC

This Murder Release cassette is a collection of MB's work for the ComeOrg., starting with his soundtrack pieces for the Come Ultra video series, words uttered by Jordi Valls who is heard announcing a video project about serial killers like Peter Kürten, mixed with unofficial pieces (like KISS music, etc.) which is also part of "Symphony For A Genocide" release. Probably unauthorized, too. On the other side of the tape the listener gets MB pieces with nazi speeches. Disturbing stuff.
Limited to 33 pieces.

01. Lebensraum 1 (35:03)
02. Lebensraum 2 (25:23)

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☼ Leibstandarte SS MB - 2 LP

Though manipulated by W.B. (W.H.), this piece clearly shows the brilliance of MB.
Limited to 500 pieces.

01. Weltanschauung (17:31)
02. Under the Victory Banner (6:40)
03. Endoradiation / SS 20 Attack (24:29)

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