January 26, 2010

☼ Eat Your Make-Up – First Dinner

Another great Death Rock album ― a genre that has re-found a huge following worldwide thanks to bands like EYMU. (and also the great work of the Strobelight label.) This French act was formed January 2003 by Mac Gregor (bass), JF (guitar), Plag (vocals) and Thib (drums). I'm usually very skeptical of bands from the year 2000 playing true deathrock, a style firmly planted in the '80s, but EYMU really takes you back to those good'ol-days.Fans of early Christian Death, Sex Gang Children, Specimen, will definitely enjoy this young band.

Release Year
: 2005
Artist(s) Country
: France
: Darkside

Track List
01. First Dinner (1:24)
02. The Sixteenth (3:47)
03. Holy Bats (4:48)
04. Fanatical Fog (3:31)
05. Vegan Hyena (1:26)
06. I Was The Murderer (2:51)
07. Dust In The Cathedral (4:26)
08. Neither Sane Nor Insane (5:42)
09 .Amar Ni Xov (2:20)
10. A Stone's Throw From Nowhere (2:06)
11. What Have You In My Pocket (3:16)
12. Night Plague (4:56)
13. Lullaby (1:01)


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